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Empty Yard Experiment cleverly mix progressive rhythms with uplifting beats and while they cite many major players as influences – Tool, Porcupine Tree, Mogwai – the band are savvy enough to pull their own personalities into the landscapes of sound that they create.”
- Scene Point Black (USA)

Empty Yard Experiment (dubbed EYE) was formed in 2006 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Categorizing the band’s sound has often eluded critics – spanning from alternative and progressive metal, to instrumental/post-rock.

EYE have built an impressive live portfolio over the years, including two UK club tours, the HRH Prog festival in Wales, and high-profile opening spots for Metallica, Evanescence and Anathema in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Their influences range from bands such as Tool and King Crimson, to Porcupine Tree, Alice in Chains and Mogwai. With members hailing from Serbia, Iran, the UK and US, this versatile group of musicians has genuine multinational appeal.

EYE are currently in the process of finishing their third album, which features UK prog giants TesseracT’s Jay Postones on the drums and Dale Gorham (ex=Voices From the Fuselage) on bass.

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