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EYE’s eponymous first album was released in May 2011. Recorded, produced and mixed by Joshua F. Williams, it is an introspective on the human condition and the fundamental questions of why we are here and where we are going.

EYE “creates such a diverse and rich soundscape that its music is hard to categorise into a specific sub-genre… [and] carv[es] out its own unique sound by mixing progressive ideas from the past with a more modern energy and a Middle Eastern twist.”
- Andy Read, Dutch Progressive Rock Page

In 2013, the band reunited with Williams to record their sophomore studio effort – ‘Kallisti’. The album’s concept focuses on chaos and discord, which often permeate and define the manner in which one relates to various aspects of their existence – be it other human beings, authority, or the subconscious. Kallisti’ was released internationally on September 29, 2014.


“Kallisti is a sweeping, epic, multi-faceted piece that takes its listener on a journey that very few other bands are able to.”
- Stephen Hill, Metal Hammer Magazine (8/10)

Since 2017, the band have been working on a follow-up to the critically-acclaimed ‘Kallisti’, reaching across the continent to UK prog giants TesseracT’s drummer Jay Postones and bassist Dale Gorham (ex-Voices From The Fuselage). The yet-to-be-titled release is in the final stages of production and represents a radical evolution of EYE’s increasingly technical take on songwriting.

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